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Rotating Owl Head Sound Owl Prowler Decoy Lawn and Garden

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Realistic Rotating Head Owl Bird Repellent Bird Pest Control Scarecrow Garden Courtyard Decoration Drive Away Snake Mouse
1.This lifelike owl decoy imitate a real owl in order to scare away garden and farm pests such as birds and the owl's natural prey, rodents like squirrels and mice.
2.Realistic and vivid appearance makes this product also a great decoration for your garden, adding more beauty and fun to garden.
3.The owl scarecrow is coated with delicate non-fading and water-proof paint in surface and it can protect your garden plants or flowers outside at all kinds of weather conditions.
4.Unlike chemical repellents, this emulational owl offers a safe way to control the pests, no-toxic and chemical free, human-friendly.
5.With built-in bearing device, the owl head can rotates 360 degrees and has a fin on the back of the head, acts as a wind vane naturally.
It is effective in scare away pest and be a good decor, which is ideal for placing out on your front lawn, yard, porch, deck, farm, workplace or garden.
Product Name: Realistic Rotating Head Owl
Material: Plastic
Color: Multicolor
Package Included:
1 x Realistic Rotating Head Owl